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The Art of Loish: A Look Behind the Scenes characters Ý eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ä ➾ [Download] ➻ The Art of Loish: A Look Behind the Scenes By Lois Van Baarle ➷ – Discover the world of digital artist Lois van Baarle aka Loish in this high uality collection This the reader will learn how she developed her very distinctive style and discover advice as she discusses her working methods offering tips on a variety of techniues that she utilizes in her art every day The additional exclusive content of this book makes it a must have for any lover of Loish's wor. This book is so inspiring it's full of beautiful artwork with details of the artists journey into digital art lesson's she learnt along the way and there's some mini tutorials at the end of the book It's part bio part advise and part tutorials and the layout and design make this book a pleasure to hold and read The packaging of the book reminds me of how they make art work for vinyl records comes in a nice card sleeve I will treasure this book for many years to come If you love art are curious about how artists work you'll love this book

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Discover the world of digital artist Lois of Loish ePUB #9734 van Baarle aka Loish in this high uality collection of her most beautiful workLois van Baarle is a freelance animatorillustrator from the Netherlands who graduated in from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht Since then her work has become. Beautiful book Fast postage thanks

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The Art of Loish A Look Behind the ScenesVery popular across the internet with her Facebook followers closing in on one million and her Twitter account watched by over nineteen thousand eager eyes The Art of Loishis her first art of book and will examine her inspirations while showcasing some of her The Art eBook #10003 early work Following. This book is just amazing open receiving it and opening you know it is something special as you are presented with the book in a stylish slip case in the colour of a manila envelope You know the same colour as the parcel boxesThis book covers Loish's work as a teenager at school which is a mixed subject matter including her version of the Van Gough self portrait This lady's current work is like the Victorian English images of 'Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden' these these fairies are very modern fairies in the style of current pop stars like Taylor Swift Rita Ora or should I say it Pixie Lott LOL but with the influence large cute eyed female Japanese characters from comic booksI really think this is an artist that many who are not artists would love to own and treasure in there personal libraryThis is not a technical on art like vanishing point perspective or the Golden Mean of the Renaissance Era and all that Being an easy read with loads of fantastic illustrationsI highly recommend for artists or non artists A nice book for a nice relaxing read