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DOWNLOAD ¸ Beyond Art Fundamentals ¼ ➷ Beyond Art Fundamentals Free ➭ Author 3dtotal Publishing – Building on the foundations set by our popular Art Fundamentals book Beyond Fundamentals shows artists how to take their work a step beyond techniues and mechanics A memorable uniue image reuiresthan Building on theBuilding on the foundations set by our popular Art Fundamentals book Beyond Beyond Art PDFEPUBFundamentals shows artists how to take their work a step beyond techniues and mechanics A memorable uniue image reuirestha. I thought this was what it says in the description beyond basic technical stuff how to add feeling that X factor how to grab people by the heartstrings how to add emotional content and make then just well rendered art that's correctIt does cover some of these subjects but inconsistently by inviting artist to watch cover a different feeling or emotion but then goes into rendering one painting each concentrating on how then why they watch made the choices they made I expected a book on theories one can apply like a break down of say color what colors inflict what emotions and why then composition how composition gives us emotional content and what kind of framing and composition will remind us and inspire different emotions the building blocks of story telling how to to best consider and be aware of story telling elementsor at least those are a few ways I would think one can dive deeper into making picture that are then just pretty But this book does have some value there are some great artist in here working on some great paintings some are better then others but its a great reference book I would have preferred a book with examples like have all the artist try all the examples of feeling and emotions and then you can see them all at once like love bam a dozen examples of how different artist went their own different way or expressing what love mean to each of them in their own different way illustrating to the reading the many many options heshe has in his tool belt to communicate that feelingIt's a good book like I said I wasn't like I hated it just found the title and description a bit miss leading I hope a book like what I was looking forward does come out some day still great reference these guys have a great line of books worth checking all of them out

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N just accurate anatomy and choosing the right tools after all This impressive volume offers in depth guidance on conveying mood and emotion creating narratives and improving your images' storytelling through composi. An excellent book with lots of tips and laid out in a very easy to follow way with step by step instructions The inclusion of pro tips is also uite nice They're little blurbs which try to encourage creative thinking experimentation and other advice for artists and illustrators Haven't finished it yet but really enjoy it so far

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Beyond Art FundamentalsTion character details and atmosphere Beyond Fundamentals is an ideal book both for hobbyists and new artists wanting to add extra depth to their work and for skilled illustrators looking for a spark of new inspirati. Not for how to paint or draw but to get you to think in terms of ideas and concepts A good read