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free download º eBook or Kindle ePUB ¶ Ananda Karunesh R religious heads for millennia The messages of Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati correct many misconceptions and misrepresentations about the patriarchal stories from Christianity Hinduism and Buddhism These profound messages by the two ascended Goddesses will delight you surprise you transform you and even enlighten youGoddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati also reveal new information and intimate secrets about their many incarnations on Earth with Rama Krishna Buddha and other divine beings They reveal how the transformation of many souls from their ancient tribe created two of the major world religions known as Hinduism and BuddhismThis book is not only about spirituality but also about history philosophy religion and psychology Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati provide new insights on mind body soul chakras elements contrast time destiny karma sensuality tantra higher self heavenly realms expanding levels of enlightenment ascension and of course the authors favorite a new way of experiencing the divine feminine within oneselfThis is the first book in the Ascended Goddesses Series Future books in this series will have conversations with Goddesses Parvati Mother Mary Kuan Yin and Tara among othersJOIN OUR TEA. I read this book by Ananda Karunesh a few days ago when the book reached to me The beginning was a little winky because it takes some time digesting the fact that you are reading things spoken by Lakshmi and Saraswati themselves However after reading the book you will realise that whatever is written in the book is near no simple truth or fact but just near to the higher truths and ideals which we need to follow if we want to understand the world beyond common perception of evil and good or truth and lie and of real and fakeThe author asks many uestions of the Goddesses and the responses are joyous delightful and also interesting I will certainly recommend the book to all the friends I know because we do need some serious stuff like this let's do some serious game of words

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A Thousand Seeds of Joy: Teachings of Lakshmi and Saraswati (Ascended Goddesses Series Book 1) review Û eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ❰Reading❯ ➹ A Thousand Seeds of Joy: Teachings of Lakshmi and Saraswati (Ascended Goddesses Series Book 1) A M OF VOLUNTEERSThe Path of Joy Organization is donating copies of this book to uplift disempowered girls women and mothers elderly living in old age homes handicapped people young adults with challenges patients in hospitals and numerous NGOs all over the world Send an email tojoin our team of volunteers to distribute the copiesThe author recently signed an MOU with RENEW Respect Educate Nurture and Empower Womento donate copies of this book to their active volunteers who provide help to the disempowered girls and women in BhutanAnother copies of this book were sent to the volunteers and interns of Apne Aap Women Worldwidean organization that saves girls and women from sex trafficking and other forms of exploitationEven a Buddhist nunnery in Punakha founded by the ueen Mother of Bhutan took copies for their resident nuns The many stories of enlightenment of Eve Sita Radha Yasodhara Yeshe Tsogyal and other women help in undoing the widely held Buddhist belief that incarnating as a woman is inferior to incarnating as a man for spiritual attainment From educators to thought leaders to spiritual seekers to feminists this book is uniting women and men from all walks of life Find out why by ordering your copy tod. Ananda Karunesh has written a tremendous book it will not only help many readers stabilise  their energies spiritual and otherwise for a gain which is highly beneficial but also to look beyond the conventional set ups that our minds follow As a young individual and as a person who has been studying various spiritual books for a few years now A Thousand Seeds of Joy came to me as a surprising but pleasant deviation from the traditional pursuit of knowledge The teachings of the Goddesses have really been fruitful for me and I wish it helps all others the same way Some of the chapters are so enchanting that I had to read those again and again very good book

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A Thousand Seeds of Joy Teachings of Lakshmi and Saraswati Ascended Goddesses Series Book 1In an extraordinary conversation Seeds of ePUB #8608 sweeping the planet two Hindu Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati reveal the secrets of a new feminine path of joy that uses the body A Thousand Kindle and the soul to uiet the mind and blossom into enlightenment with ease This path unifies the original teachings of many spiritual pantheons including Hinduism ie Ramayana Mahabharata Thousand Seeds of PDF #10003 and Bhagavad Gita Buddhism mystic Christianity and the ancient Goddess paths Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati promise nothing short of a grand transformation of humanity with the birthing Thousand Seeds of Joy Teachings PDF of a new joy centered consciousness on Earth at this time They take us on a grand spiritual journey by weaving new insights into ancient teachings correcting what has been altered in scriptures by their male authors and revealing new secrets about Buddhas and Gods and Goddesses who have walked on EarthWhether it is Eve's original sin or the closing of magnificent Goddess Temples or Sita's Fire Test or Thousand Seeds of Joy Teachings PDF Mary Magdalene's depiction as a prostitute enlightened women have been portrayed as sinners by numerous kings emperors writers popes and othe. लक्षमीमेॅधा धरा पुष्टि गौरी तुष्टिः प्रभा धृतिः।एताभिःपाहि तनुभिरषटाभिमाँ सरस्वति।। Obesiance to mother divine Sanatan dharm has always highligted the importance of ascended goddesses or divine mother Author has written a uniue masterpeace In an easy to understand spiritual conversation between man or seeker and goddess The content of the book is organized thematically1first part of book begins with Maa Saraswati She gives new insights about different levels of consciousness which harmonize the core teachings of different spiritual pantheons such as Hinduism Buddhism christianity Norse and other ancient Goddess religions2Teachings of goddess laxmi corrects many misrepresentations of enlightened women in history like Eve Mary Magdalene3Godess laxmi clears many facts about divine incarnation of Sita Radha Draupadi Yashodhara4details about soul tribe in india Goddess Saraswati Goddess Laxmi Goddess Parvati Lord Brahma Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva5Goddess laxmi reveals that humanity is currently transitioning to a matriarchal era which over time will resemble an era in ancient time when another soul cycle was at its peak of enlightmentMust read book I really like the conversation and way of presentation You will imbibe the core teachings and i am sure you will be blessed and thoughtful creative and inspiredIf you find this review useful please press useful button All the best for your spiritual journey of enlightment