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kindle ☆ Bonnie author Christina Schwarz Û Christina Schwarz Ormer and a star student She dreamed of being a movie star or a singer or a poet But her dramatic nature contorted by her limited opportunities and her overwhelming love for Clyde Barrow pushed her into a course from which there was no escape but deathInfusing the psychological acuity of literary fiction with the relentless pacing of a thriller Along for the Ride follows Bonnie from her bright promising youth to her final mont She could still tell herself it was a love storyI knew who Bonnie Clyde were of course and I've seen their final photo many times but I didn't know anything about the people and adventures behind the scenes and it was fascinating to go there Bonnie was smart artistic and strong willed She was also very very poor Clyde was clever brash and unafraid and even poor Riding shotgun through their wild romance and even wilder 'career' was compelling I enjoyed the way the author reminded us of just how young and confused they were Bonnie would go from dreaming of her little house with a white picket fence to spraying off a round of bullets when the need arose Clyde driven and bull headed careless about who he shot or robbed could be conscientious enough to return borrowed dishes even in the midst of mayhem I wanted to read about the pair about the time period and about this girl gangster and I got everything I wanted

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read doc ¶ Bonnie author Christina Schwarz ebook ë goproled ¾ ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Bonnie By Christina Schwarz ✐ – The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Drowning Ruth vividly evokes the perennially fascinating true crime love affair of Bonnie and Clyde in this suspense H of shoot outs kidnappings and desperate car chases through America’s hinterland in the grip of the Great Depression as the noose of the law tightened around her Enriched by Christina Schwarz’s extensive research in the footsteps of Bonnie and Clyde and written with her powerful sense of place and time Along for the Ride is a plaintive and page turning account of a woman destroyed by a lethal combination of longing and lo Forget that romantic couple of the 1960s film sleek and handsome in slim '30s fashions driving vintage cars along Southern backroads Tommy guns blazing as banjo music plays and the cops are always a half mile behind Instead imagine two worn out folks exhausted from sleeping in the car or on the ground bony from having to grab food where they can they are too well known to go to a restaurant or store Plus they're jittery from anxiety and booze some drugs and it scares people Their bodies hurt from gunshot wounds and car accidents They are worried all the timeClyde Barrow was a psychopath from a poor family filled with them What was Bonnie Parker's excuse She was smart educated by the standards of the time and place wrote poetry and did not smoke cigars Sure her prospects were limited to waitressing or marrying and having a bunch of kids living poor but from that to murder and kidnapping Christina Schwarz tells the story from Bonnie's point of view revealing how this impatient loving hopeful girl ended up riddled with bullets on a Louisiana backroad Money was never the object with all that killing and stealing they were always on the run and rarely had time to spend any but the excitement was contagious Schwarz does not delve into the powerful sexual aspect of their relationship her Bonnie and Clyde are too exhausted and anxious I think this is a miss There had to be something so intoxicating about their bond that it would keep Bonnie tied to him until the end even though both their families begged her to get outSchwarz gives us the dusty poor ramshackle South of the Depression where people dress in flour sacks and just hope to get on to the next day The story of Bonnie and Clyde gave them excitement but also scared them to the core This crazy couple popped up all over the midwest leaving ordinary citizens dead in their wake You could be next It's a fascinating look at a mindset that exists today well told and hard to look away from Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for access to this titleCandace Siegle Greedy Reader

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Bonnie author Christina SchwaTheNew York Times bestselling author of Drowning Ruth vividly evokes the perennially fascinating true crime love affair of Bonnie and Clyde in this suspenseful gorgeously detailed fictional portrait of Bonnie Parker one of America’s most enigmatic womenBorn in a small town in the desolate reaches of western Texas and shaped by her girlhood in an industrial wasteland on the outskirts of Dallas Bonnie Parker was a natural perf Bonnie was a bright student who wrote poetry hated guns loved babies and dreamed of being a movie star She could have been so much if it wasn’t for her chance meeting with Clyde Barrow He was a smooth operator and she was smitten from the start Her story of loving Clyde overlooking his failings and heading down the path of lawlessness by his side is a thrilling ride There has been a lot written about Bonnie and Clyde but this story is refreshing and does not rehash old newsI read this book in conjunction with the movie The Highwaymen the movie providing a feel for Bonnie’s hometown of Cement City a view from the law enforcement side and the poverty in which Bonnie grew up