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book ç Drowning Ruth Ë Christina Schwarz In the winter of a young mother named Mathilda Neumann drowns beneath the ice of a rural Wisconsin lake The shock of her death dramatically changes the live Drowning Ruth is a mystery novel but than that it's a book of recovering from family trauma and grief Somewhat like The Lovely Bones without the fantasy elements this book is one of moving on while simultaneously seeking the truth The characters are very basic making it possible for almost any reader to relate to their struggleI found the book really slow paced and difficult to really get into but the mystery of what exactly caused the unfortunate drowning kept me reading to find out In the end the book was one I found very good but not really one of my favourites Drowning Ruth was pretty average as far as stories go

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doc Ñ Drowning Ruth ☆ Paperback ☆ ❮Read❯ ➵ Drowning Ruth Author Christina Schwarz – In the winter of 1919 a young mother named Mathilda Neumann drowns beneath the ice of a rural Wisconsin lake The shock of her death dramatically changes the lives of her daughter troubled sister and h In the w Y and tantalizingly reveals the dark family secrets and the unsettling discoveries that lead to the truth of what actually happened the night of the drowning Drowning Ruth is one of those novels that gets readers so worked up so lathered so feverish that they run around pressing the book into the hands of friends and perhaps strangers on a plane insisting with wide eyes and spittle flecked lips Here Read thisWell the dumbfounded party responds what's it aboutI cannot tell youExactly Drowning Ruth is one of those books you want to tell everyone about but can't To reveal a little would be to spoil too much There are so many mysteries so many surprises in Christine Schwarz' debut novel that nice folks will only give out crumbs of the plot By nice folks I mean those readers who think prematurely reading the last ten pages of an Agatha Christie mystery is punishable by a jail sentenceIn fact Drowning Ruth might just be this year's literary euivalent to The Sixth SenseWhich is not to say that Drowning Ruth is a ghost story It isn't But yet there are many characters who are haunted you see and and Okay I'm starting to get lathered up againDeep breathThere I'm fine nowFrom the first sentence to the last word Schwarz carefully unpeels the mystery of what took place between sisters Amanda and Mathilda and Mathilda's daughter Ruth when they spent an isolated winter on a Wisconsin lake island in 1919 There is a tragedy and there is high drama of the kind familiar to readers of Thomas Hardy Charles Dickens and Theodore Dreiser to punch home the obvious Schwarz even has one character reading Dreiser's Jennie GerhardtWe literally don't know what happened on the island until the very last sentence and that's what propels us with such page turning lip smacking fury through the book Schwarz does a masterful job of gradually uncovering details of the three women's lives before 1919 and in the nearly three decades following the tragic events The story moves between past and present uickly and sharply like someone flipping back and forth through the pages of a photo album But even readers who are easily confounded by non linear narrative can find their way just fine through these pages Schwarz know when to give us a peek and when to keep the curtain pulled across the mysteryDrowning Ruth bears the look of a book that belongs in the recent flood of what less charitable critics call chick lit The fact that Ms Winfrey has stamped her book club O on the cover doesn't help matters But Drowning Ruth lifts its head high above the tide of mass produced Kleenex friendly chick lit Sure there's a fair share of turn of the century soap opera shenanigans and yes the story is strikingly old fashioned in scope but Schwarz's skill with words characters and pace is so profound and startling that it becomes the sort of literature that sticks in the mind long after the final shattering page is turnedI simply cannot tell you enough about this bookExcept Here Read this

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Drowning RuthS of her daughter troubled sister and husband Told in the voices of several of the main characters and skipping back and forth in time the narrative graduall The last thing I do in the world is take advice from celebrities so when I discovered this was on Oprah’s book club list I almost didn’t pick it up But the book kept calling out to me and I folded Beautiful story It reminded me a lot of “The Heretic’s Daughter” by Kathleen Kent Though completely different it had the same feel‘Drowning Ruth’ is a story of painful secrets love for a child and a woman’s life sacrifice for this child This is one of those stories that tugs at your heart and keeps you turning the pages in hopes things will turn out right in the end It also pulls you on in hopes to discover the mystery that has been woven throughout Characters were believable flawed likeable and real I found myself frustrated at times when secrets lived on but that is what made it valid Secrets enslave us often than protect Dialogue was right on and I flew though the story The only problem I did have was in the beginning It jumps from one’s point of view to the next and even jumps from one time to another but once I figured that out I found it easy enough to follow Glad I own this Book