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Selected for Simon Mayo’s BBC RadioBook Club Secretly steaming open envelopes and reading the letters inside Bilodo has found an escape from his lonely and routine life as a postman When This book will make youponder life and time and selfIdentity time and love

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Le facteur émotifOne day he comes across a mysterious letter containing a single haiku he finds himself avidly caught up in the relationship between a long distance couple who write to each other using on I found Denis Thériault's ‘The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman' to be a wonderfully written poetic achievement and one that succinctly encompasses the eternal uestions of love existence and deathThe internal and tangential wisdom of the ancient style of Japanese poetry contributes greatly to the narratives peculiar delicate note and support the characters in the story extremely wellIt might be a fairly short novel but it is however a greatly rewarding piece of literature and one that continues to linger in the periphery of the mind well after you finish reading

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FREE MOBI Ð DOC Le facteur émotif 9781786070531 á GOPROLED ✓ ❰Reading❯ ➶ Le facteur émotif Author Denis Thériault – Selected for Simon Mayo’s BBC Radio 2 Book Club Secretly steaming open envelopes and reading the letters inside Bilodo has found an escape from hiLy beautiful poetry He feasts on their words vicariously living a life for which he longs But it will Le facteur PDF only be a matter of time before his world comes crashing down around hi I haven’t heard of Denis Thériault before till I got this book from one of my friends as a Christmas present I read the story outline on the inside flap and before I knew I was into the book and couldn’t stop reading it Though it is the size of a novella at slightly over a hundred pages it is a book that I enjoyed reading slowly and lingering over my favourite sentences Here is what I think‘The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman’ is the story of a postman called Bilodo He is twenty seven years old He is an introvert He is not really lonely though it might appear that way to others because he leads a rich interior life His everyday routine is simple and inconspicuous – he goes to work in the morning sorts the mail and then takes the ones allotted to him and delivers them to their respective addresses But in the night after having dinner he is a different person He takes out personal letters which he was supposed to deliver during the day and which he has hidden inside his jacket and steams them open and secretly reads the correspondence taking a peak into the private lives of strangers After reading those conversations and taking copies of those letters he delivers the letters the next dayAt any point many such postal conversations are going on – by people who don’t like email but love putting pen to paper and writing beautiful letters and enjoying the pleasure of anticipation by waiting for the reply As the book describes it “More alluring by far were letters from others Real letters written by real people who preferred the sensual act of writing by hand the delightfully languorous anticipation of the reply to the reptilian coldness of the keyboard and instantaneity of the Internet – people for whom the act of writing was a deliberate choice and in some cases one sensed a matter of principle a stand taken in favour of a lifestyle not uite so determined by the race against time and the obligation to perform”Reading those letters marks the highpoint of Bilodo’s day Out of all the epistolary conversations Bilodo’s favourite is the one between Ségolène and Gaston Grandpré Ségolène lives in Guadeloupe and she and Gaston have been corresponding for a while Bilodo is able to read Ségolène’s letters because those are the ones he has to deliver but he is not able to read Gaston’s replies to them So he imagines what Gaston’s replies could be and enjoys making up that part of the conversation Ségolène and Gaston correspond by poems and when Bilodo researches on the poetic form they favour he discovers that it is the Japanese poetic form Haiku He reads about that and he is able to understand Ségolène’s poems better And then one day the unfortunate thing happens Gaston while trying to post a letter gets knocks down by a truck and dies And with that our hero Bilodo’s only link to Ségolène is severed His life is no longer interesting and he always feels dull and tired And then one day he hits on plan It decides to impersonate Gaston and continue the correspondence with Ségolène But before that he has to learn how to write Haiku Is Bilodo able to successfully impersonate G