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eBook  Batman The Dark Knight Returns á The Dark Knight Returns Read Ø goproled æ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Batman: The Dark Knight Returns By Frank Miller – Goproled.co.uk Dünya'nın en çok satan Batman Çizgi RomanıModern çizgi romancılığın bu şaheseri karanlık bir Ara dönüşen en ölümcül düşmanlarının oluşturduğu tehditle başa çıkabilecekler mi Daha da önemlisi süper güçler arasındaki ilan edilmemiş savaşın ya da zamanında dünyanın en büyük kahramanları olanların arasındaki çarpışmanın yaklaşan yansımalarından sağ kurtulabilen olacak mıİlk kez yayınlanmasının üzerinden on beş yıldan fazla zaman geçmesine rağmen BATMAN KARA ŞÖVALYE DÖNÜYOR çizgi romanda anlatılan en etkili hikâyelerden biri ve tartışmasız bir klasik olarak yerini korumaya devam ediyorTanıtım Bültenind This is a totally different spin on Batman first published in 1986 by Frank Miller Don't expect it to be like the old cartoons Definitely not like the Adam West Batman from the 60s Not the Justice League of America Batman and Superman are hardly on speaking terms The governments have passed laws against vigilante super heroes so most of them are in prison or banished or like Superman secretly working for the government Batman after a series of traumatic incidents has not been seen in the last ten years The Joker and Two Face are both in psycho wards A series of incidents force Batman to come back out to the shock of the world Gotham is turned on its head and the public isn't sure what to make of him; especially the younger people who thought he was just a legend img src In this Batman faces off with two face the joker and a mutant gang which has practically overrun the streets Look for a face off against Superman an intro from the new Robin and a setup for the next book in the series where Batman decides to free some of the super heroes in prison Artwork is very gritty Lots of focus on Batman's age in his late fifties as well as his lack of forbearance in not realizing his age makes him less agile and strong So he gets into several jams Heh view spoiler Oh and a few times Batman actually uses guns but it's for good reasons hide spoiler

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Dam hâlâ ebeveynlerinin cinayetinin anılarıyla ızdırap çekiyor Etrafındaki sivil toplum çökerken Bruce Wayne'in uzun süredir bastırılmış kanun koruyucu tarafı kendini mahkûm ettiği prangalardan kurtuluyorKara Şövalye gazap aleviyle dönüyor ve yepyeni bir nesilden suçlularla boy ölçüşüyor ve de onların şiddet seviyesine ayak uyduruyor Kısa süre sonra bu neslin Robin'i en az selefleri kadar değerli olduğunu kanıtlayan Carrie Kelley adındaki bir kız ona katılıyorAma Batman ve Robin yıllarca hapsedilmeleri sonucu kusursuz psikopatl really enjoyed this comic; I keep wondering why it took me so long to read it I finally got around to reading it after being blown away by Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 Region 2 and Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 DVD I thought it was finally time to get round to the source material I am glad I didI uick recap of the story Bruce is no longer Batman There has been no Batman for 10 years To curb his urges Bruce has become something of an adrenalin junkie study Gotham has become a darker and lawless place On the 10 year anniversary of the last Batman sighting Bruce's subconscious Batman fights back telling him Bruce he is just the shell and he is not done with him yetMost of what I though was great about the movies holds true to the comic with a couple of exception I have to say I prefer the animation of the movies but I think at the time of the comic and for what is trying to be portrayed it does work Meaning Batman strikes from the shadow leaving his opponent incapacitated and confused as to what just happened A couple of the panels like when Batman takes out the pimp in the back of the taxi I it took me a while to see what happened from the art work Like I said these were surgical strikes and it does put me in the mind of the pimp with a broken hand thinking my hand is broken what just happened When Batman decides to show himself the art work reflects that by drawing bigger detailed pictures of him The main thing I did not like about the comic was I thought there was too much of the talking heads The media discussions of Batman I can understand why this was done eg the Arkem psychologist taking an anti batman stance to sell of his book and make a name for himself but I think it was a bit overdone I mean all together this probably makes up half the contents of the book The best think about the comic and it major advantage over the movies is the internal dialog Batman has with himself In the movies they make Batman talk to explain his methods Whereas if you look at the comics there are very few speech bubbles while he is Batman and most of these are orders or threats The rest of them it is Batman analysing everything in his head I think that is what makes his scarier like when a magic trick is explained it is not as impressive having the unknown factor is what Batman his edge An example of this is in the second fight with the Mutant Leader the Leader cannot understand Batman is targeting nerve clusters and showing him shallow cuts in the just the right places can be effective I also like the way he keep thinking lucky with every near miss and the explanation of why he paints a big bright target on his chest I also like the way Batman has evolved he is not above using guns will kill to protect given no other option and lacing his smoke bombs with a watered down version of the scarecrows fear gas is genius not only does he appear in front of his victims he appears in front of them as their worst nightmaresThe others Commissioner Garden is still Batman's biggest supporter but is facing retirement it is not really until he is gone that Batman man realises how much Garden protected him Garden is the same tough but fair cop he always was The Joker is just as evil as ever he comes out of his coma with the return of Batman and makes one last mass murdering run at Gotham Unlike in the movie the Joker is not a physical match for Batman but is a master of psychologically pushing his buttons He knows this is his last chance if you will and he wants to die at the hands of Batman Superman has become a tool of the establishment Batman says it is because of Clarks respect for people in authority but he also says to Clark nobody could force Clark to do something he did not want to do Strangely Oliver and Clark share the same opinion on Batman he is too loud he plays things mysterious but a loud kind of mysterious Clark in his thought also says Batman need to work in secret like he is force to do This could be why he does not let anyone see him when he comes to Gotham Maybe he should do something about his costume if he is trying to keep a low profile The only thing I do not like it the relationship between Bruce and Alfred Alfred is still the dutiful servant but that is what Bruce seem to treat him like in this story a servant someone to tell what to do and expect it to be done nothing nothing less Having said that Alfred does manage to get in some verbal barbs of his own and though Bruce values his opinion probably than anyone else's but there is a clear line saying BruceBatman is in charge live with itI great comic very detailed excellent as a standalone or as a companion to the movies to fill in extra details A true classic for Batman fans Enjoy reading it repeatedly over multiple sittings it is a lot to take in All good

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Batman The Dark Knight ReturnsDünya'nın en çok satan Batman Çizgi RomanıModern Dark Knight PDFEPUB #194 çizgi romancılığın bu Batman The eBook #9734 şaheseri karanlık bir dünyayı ve ondan daha da karanlık bir adamı The Dark Knight PDFEPUB #229 inandırıcı bir şekilde hayata geçiriyor Yazarçizer Frank Miller çinici Klaus Janson ve renklendirmeci Lynn Varley'yle birlikte Kara Şövalye'nin emekliliğinden on sene sonra yozlaşmış Gotham şehrinin bu yakın gelecek destanında Batman efsanesini yeni baştan oluşturuyorSuç sokaklarda kol geziyor ve bir zamanlar Batman olan a BatmanYou gave my book two stars MeYes it was boring and too political Who wants a bunch of boring politics I couldn't take it anyand I've always been your fangirlBatman MeDon't make me give you the Batglareyou aren't a whiny ass Batman Meuit whiningTwo stars from me is pretty good Batman Me Batman