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Amily funeral business in trouble a fast approaching fortieth birthday and a notebook of resolutions he’s never achieved Oliver resolves to open himself up to love and all the mess that comes along with itBut with a habit of burying his feelings can he learn to embrace his lovability and find the woman who will make him feel whole Serious with shots of humorLast year I read a book called How Not to Die Alone and I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to it while reading this Both feature lonely middle aged guys working in industries that deal with death who develop feelings for married women and make the realization that they need to make some changes if they don’t want to well die alone In a lot of ways the comparisons end there but the tones of the book remain similar as serious and dark as they are funny and poignantThis story follows Oliver a 39 year old funeral director who has had feelings for a woman for years He waited too long to make his move and she ended up marrying someone else When that relationship shows signs of tension Oliver wonders if he might be getting another chance with the girl until life takes that option away from him He resolves to be better make changes in his life and hopes that might lead him to a future he can look forward to but there are plenty of stumbles along the wayThe blurb may have led you to believe that this is a romance; it’s much a story about self improvement Yes there are some romantic elements to the story but you’ll be sorely disappointed is that’s what you’re hoping the focus is I did really enjoy the humor in the book; it’s understated and the tone is often serious but there are definitely lighter moments to be found The writing itself is solid and easy to read though decidedly British I believe and the story is original and interesting throughout I found it to be a little dry and not as relationship focused as I was hoping but there’s certainly a lot to like about the book

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The Likely Resolutions of Oliver ClockHis life is Resolutions of PDFEPUB #196 perfectly regimented Is there really room for something as unpredictable as loveOliver The Likely PDF Clock has everything arranged just so A steady job running the family funeral parlour A fridge Likely Resolutions of Kindle #209 stocked with ready meals A drawer full of colour coded socks A What a lovely gentle story Jane Riley has penned for her debut novel Oliver Clock is 39 years old he’s a funeral director at his family’s long established and traditional firm He has a yellow notebook in which he writes his resolutions which start with ‘Thou shalt’ He’s a lovely man he’s witty and funny uirky a natty dresser especially his colourful ties and he’s in love with married Marie but he’s far too honourable and gentlemanly to tell her and then it’s too late This delightful story is told by Oliver himself The novel is really well written there’s some good descriptions it’s lively a little bit different with some lovely touches of humour There’s possibly a macabre element to his job depending on your point of view and he talks to the cadavers well why not At least he won’t get contradicted or he can choose whatever response he desires Oliver is so likeable he’s easy going very ordered in his life a little bit shy he loves his food especially cake a man after my own heart and so he’s a tad on the chubby side Or is that cuddly There are some other lovely characters too especially Edie with her candles I’ll say no other than it’s unusual but creative Oliver’s mum and receptionist Jean with her brooches Oliver realises from various incidents that he has to stop living in the past and start making choices for himself Overall a read entertaining read and it made such a pleasant change from my usual twisty genre Many thanks to NetGalley and Publishing

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The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock mobi É Paperback read ´ jane riley ´ ❴KINDLE❵ ❅ The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock Author Jane Riley – His life is perfectly regimented Is there really room for something as unpredictable as loveOliver Clock haPlan of sorts to stay trim enough for a standard sized coffin And in florist Marie he’s even found the love of his life not that she’s aware of itWhen a terrible tragedy takes Marie out of his life but leaves him with her private journal he discovers too late that she secretly loved him back Faced now with an empty love life a f I kept hoping that The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock would completely grab me but it just never did It was good enough that I hung in there until the end but it's one of those rare books where the 3 star rating was evident from beginning to end The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock was a pleasant enough read but tonal inconsistencies bothered me Was it about self improvement Was it a romance Was it a PG rated 40 Year Old Virgin It never really completely nailed a tone and I never really cared much for Oliver Clock In fact the only character who completely grabbed me was Edie I also found at least a half dozen weird wording andor grammatical choices in the Kindle version they were significant enough that they actually pulled me out of the story While I can deal with that from an indie author from a book having an actual publisher I expect greater attention to editing Riley's writing seemed stronger with female voices Oliver especially in the first half of the book just never felt authentic to me and was left with dialogue that didn't feel natural It improved in the second half considerably but I still had an easier time buying into the book's female characters The entire first half really felt awkward to me and the resolution with Marie a bit too abrupt That issue with abruptness also plagued the end of the book Overall I don't regret having read The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock but I can't deny being somewhat disappointed with it