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Diaries of ePUB #8608 viscount boldly predicted on that memorable day while he is a lonely bitter man crushed by a devastating loss But Miranda has never forgotten the truth she set down on paper all those years earlier and she will not allow the love that is her destiny to slip lightly through her finge. Oh this was such a sweet story I loved every page of it I couldn't put it down which I'm sorry because it was over so fast that I feel bad for having spend money in something that lasted useful in my hands only some hourslol Then again I can't think in anything better than spending my money in this amazing bookslol I don't regret it of course It's just that sometimes it hurts to see my money being consumed so fast But I guess you just can't help it when you find a good bookJulia uinn is just an amazing writer I would strongly recommend this author to all LK fans because they are so much alike that you just can't help to love them both I mean each has her own writing style but it doesn't come any similar to LK than J and vice versa Love them both terribly they are my two fav romance writers I'm glad I took some time before reading another historical romance book again I guess now I realized I was missing the genre Sometimes the best thing you can do is to switch between genres for once in a while that way you will enjoy them much I loved everything about this book I don't wanna loose time talking about the book because for that you can read the summary at the back of the cover Just wanted to say that after having read her Bridgerton's series I though she couldn't write anything just as good but let me tell you that this series does not disappoint

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The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda CheeverMarch Today Diaries of PDFEPUB #196 I fell in loveAt the age of ten Miranda Cheever showed no signs of Great Beauty And even at ten Miranda learned to accept the expectations society held for her until the afternoon when Nigel Bevelstoke the handsome and dashing Viscount Turner solemnly kissed her hand a. ▒ 24 JULY 2015 ▒Good Lord Today I fell in love And then I fell out of love SighI ought to be shameful I know that What is it exactly Have I the attention span of a suirrel don't ask why a suirrel I have no idea I wonder I wonder And yet things had started so well It appears that I can't help myself give me a smart brave strong minded heroine who doesn't shy away from her desires and a a what exactly A sexy broken man Put them together and then let the magic begin hilarious and witty banter ever growing sexual tension how could I not fall in love now tell me It must be a conspiracy or something And then Turner started to act like a selfish jerk so childish really I mean really Seven weeks not to mention 2 or 3 occurrences of grabbing wrists to make people listen to him I know I'm sensitive about that maybe too much but I can't help there are other way to make a point than using your strength just get over yourself guy you've been betrayed in the past yes but come on There's a difference between being tortured and bitter broken and bully Turner crossed this line and I couldn't find in me to care about him any And then everything went downhill pages and pages of unnecessary drama I mean 2 pregnancies a wedding ridiculous and downright stupid miscommunications a near death experience Aaaghhh THIS IS TOO MUCH Oh My God Just stop already And please don't give me a child to explain the big revelation aka Turner finally realizing that he loves her I might choke on the cliché here They both stay too whiny and insecure far too long for me to bearIn the end I couldn't care less about their HEA and the last page made me GAG But hey to each his own right As far as I'm concerned I'll stick with Lisa Kleypas and Tessa Dare Can I have a cookie now For of my reviews please visit

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DOWNLOAD Ì The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever ô ➛ [KINDLE] ❅ The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever By Julia Quinn ➥ – 2 March 1810 Today I fell in loveAt the age of ten Miranda Cheever showed no signs of Great Beauty And even at ten Miranda learned to accept the expectationNd promised her The Secret Epubthat one day she would grow into herself that one day she would be as beautiful as she already was smart And even at ten Miranda knew she would love him foreverBut the years that followed were as cruel to Turner as they were kind to Miranda She is as intriguing as the Secret. Fair warning This is a gut reaction review written under the influence of my monthly gift from mother nature Perhaps if I'd read this at a different time I could have found some redeeming ualities about it But I didn't so I can'tI'm slightly horrified by this book Specifically by Turner and to a lesser extent by Miranda herself I can't think of anything in the book I can ualify as romance and still hold my head up highFirst Turner An asshat of epic proportions He's an emotionally stunted bully pure and simple I dislike his character so intensely I can't even state why in clear concise terms It's a visceral reaction to his selfish underhanded borderline violent ways Pushing his own sister against a wall and basically threatening her is despicable Grabbing his mother's wrist and sueezing it in warning Doing the same to his own wife on numerous occasions No Just no There is no excuse for behaviour like that I don't care how scared poor widdle Turner is You don't use force on women EVERNow why was I forgiving of Kerrick in when he backhanded Avry but I'm ready to lead a lynch mob out for Turner's blood Simple Kerrick didn't know Avry and he was very sorry he did it Turner knew every single woman he put his hands on in anger and didn't apologize but once No remorse just a flimsy excuse of not being himself Moving on to Miranda Poor misguided Miranda who would prefer to stumble into an unhealthy relationship with her childhood obsession than pick herself up patch up her heart and find someone who will treat her the way she deserves to She's spent the entirety of her formative years pining over a man nine years her senior never giving a second thought to finding someone who will actually tell her that he loves her and do than play with her body and placate her No She'd rather blindly believe she can fix the damage done by Turner's first wife I call bullshit You can't change someone and you can't fix something they want to stay broken Also Carriage sex Really Did we have to go there I'd take a star off for that alone if I wasn't rating this so low alreadyI had no sympathy for either of these characters and am frankly disgusted by them The only reason I gave this two stars instead of one is that uinn has a very good writing style even if I don't like what she's writing