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DOC È READER Again the Magic ✓ 9780380811083 ´ LISA KLEYPAS ´ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Again the Magic Author Lisa Kleypas – She gave him her innocence Lady Aline Marsden was brought up to marry a man of her own class but from the moment she meets John McKenna she rSsion for the beautiful Aline is too compelling to denyWhen their secret is discovered their world is shattered McKenna is forced to leave forever unaware that the only reason Aline has given him up is to save himNow McKenna has returned 4 StarsAn enjoyable steamy escapeThis isn't exactly breaking news to romance readers but Lisa Kleypas is a goddess in her genre She truly excels in her steamy love scenes which are as passionate as they are explicit Again the Magic is an edgy historical romance that offers a double dose of taboo love during a time where venturing outside of one's social class was not only unheard of but inarguably forbidden Our main couple Aline and McKenna are childhood friends who gradually and helplessly fall in love But Aline is the daughter of an insufferable Earl who believes the only purpose his daughter serves is to marry well and will not stand for her falling for a mere servant Aline has no choice but to crush poor McKenna's heart and send him packing But McKenna eventually returns with bitterness on his tongue and revenge against Aline in his heartAlongside Aline's and McKenna's romance runs a secondary love story which is a little less forbidden but also holds a healthy level of taboo I initially wasn't sure I wanted my main couple sharing the spotlight and although the additional romance ended up being a nice compliment to the story I never found it entirely necessary I would have been happy with a little less sex and a bit story although it's difficult to complain about a book written so incredibly well The element of tension did become a little redundant at times miscommunication withholding information the denial and sacrificing of feelings however everything held a purposeful place within the story What I loved most was how richly layered and deeply developed each character was — this is what brings a story to life for me The romance had a timeless sort of feel to it and I immediately knew that this would be one I'd remember If you're a fan of historical fiction delivered through elouent writing and looking for an extremely well executed sexually charged story don't pass this one up Book Stats ▪ GenreCategory Historical Romance▪ Steam Caliber Maximum steam and plenty of it▪ Romance Friends to lovers forbidden romance▪ Characters Vengeful but lovable hero Strong but reluctant heroine ▪ Plot Showcases a main forbidden love story and a secondary character romance▪ Writing Elouent fluid graceful steamy ▪ POV 3rd Person Perspective Alternates focus▪ Cliffhanger None Can be read as standalone▪ Next Installment Separate story in series▪ HEA? view spoilerYes hide spoiler

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She gave him her innocence Lady Aline Marsden was brought up to marry a man of her own class but from the moment she meets John McKenna she risks everything to be with himHe gave her his heartAlthough their love is forbidden McKenna's pa 4 Scars of the past Stars Again the Magic was a good read It's has two love stories in it This book kinda reminded me of 2 of Jane Austen's books Pride and Prejudice because it has two sister's love stories in it Aline reminded me of Elizabeth Bennet and Livia reminded me of Jane Bennet It also reminded me of Persuasion with the second chance love story about the hero being beneath the heroine's station in live so he goes off makes something of himself and comes back to rub it in her face only to realize he still loves her So yea I was feeling Jane Austen all over this book Which is fine because I love me some Jane Austen I enjoyed both couples in this book and the plot I did take a stars off because Aline drove me crazy the way she kept pushing the hero away and hurt him instead of just being honest Still overall a good read

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Again the MagicA powerful man determined to take revenge against the woman who broke his heart But the magic between them burns as fiercely as ever and as McKenna uncovers Aline's deepest secret together they discover a love that will defy Fate itself 3 12 stars but I'm rounding it down to 3 stars because I didn't like it as much as the other LK books I've rated 4 starsI'm not going to write a review because there are already a gazillion reviews not only here but all over the internet I'm just going to point out what I likeddisliked in this book since I seem to be in the minority for not loving it as everyone elseLikes McKenna Gideon Livia Westclif In sum every character but Aline and her father of course The beginning of the story I could really feel how much McKenna and Aline loved each other how hard it was for her to send him away and how devastated he became The ending of the story when Aline stops being TSTL and McKenna lets her see how much she hurt him The love scenes of course ;Dislikes Aline and her ridiculous excuses for sending McKenna away the 2nd time; I was OK with her reason for sending him away the 1st time Two romances crammed into one book I wish LK had written Aline's and Livia's stories separately As it was both romances fell short and slightly rushed to me I believe I'd have been lenient towards Aline if I had spent time with herWell I think that explains why this book didn't wow me I liked it but I didn't love it Interesting tidbit During their business visit to London McKenna and Gideon stay at the Rutledge Hotel Harry Rutledge the hotel owner and a close friend of Westcliff's is mentioned but doesn't show up in this book Years later he becomes the hero in Tempt Me at Twilight