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Reader Tears of Tess Monsters in the Dark #1

Reader ´ Tears of Tess Monsters in the Dark #1 ´ 377 pages Download í Pepper winters ê ❴Download❵ ➵ Tears of Tess Monsters in the Dark #1 Author Pepper Winters – “My life was complete Happy content everything neat and perfectThen N’t save her from the horror of being soldCan Brax find Tess before she’s broken and ruined or will Tess’s new owner change her life forever? A New Adult Dark Contemporary Romance not suitable for people sensitive to grief slavery and nonconsensual sex A story about finding love in the strangest of places a will of iron that grows from necessity and forgiveness that may not be enou Attention Please Pepper Winters shared bonus epilogue for this book Pls click this link to download it ; your reading Oh my sweet God I definitely LOVED this dark and twisted love story And I fucking enjoyed every damn second D Master Maître uincy I think you captivated me too Oh God I need help WARNING Some parts of the book was really really disturbing and not easy to read it If you're under age 18 pls think twice and then read it Remember my fingers inside you esclave? Remember how wet you were? Even then your body knew you belonged to me UOTES from the book All of them are my favorites And If you haven't read the book yet I wouldn't recommend to you read them ; “He licked his lips worshipping awe and rapture in his gaze “Je suis à toi” I am yoursI shook my head “Nous sommes les uns des autres” We are each other’s”“I’m not afraid of hurting you I’m afraid of how far I’m willing to go” “Only think of me and what I’m doing There is intimacy in pain esclave Let me make your pain my pleasure”“Two things I wanted most in the world for to die a miserable death and for him to fuck me” “ was no longer the devilHe was my master and I belonged to him” “You think I’m done with you esclave?” I nuzzled her ear licking softly “I’ve only just begun”“Remember my fingers inside you esclave? Remember how wet you were? Even then your body knew you belonged to me”“I promise to protect you ravage you hunt those who hurt you and give you the life you deserve My fortune is yours My secrets are yours And I will give you the corpses of the men who hurt you”“You stole my loneliness I may have given you wings but you've become my gravity I'll never be free of your force”“I’m yours Isn’t that what you wanted?” He shook his head temper flaring “You’ve given up You aren’t mine unless I make you mine” “Je suis a toi” “Monsters find each other in the dark”“You may not be mine but i'm fast becoming yours” “I want to hurt youI want to own youI want to devour youI want to make you mineI’m already yours” view spoiler“I came back to be your everything just like you’re becoming mine”“You don’t know what you’re offering”“I’m offering you my pain My blood My pleasure I’m offering you the right to whip and fuck To debase and harm I’m offering to fight your needs with my own I’m willing to join you in the darkness and find pleasure in excruciating pain I’m willing to be your monster ” hide spoiler

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Ng sex set the mood for a wonderful holiday With a full heart and looking forward to a passion filled week Tess is on top of the worldBut lusty paradise is shatteredKidnapped Drugged Stolen Tess is forced into a world full of darkness and terror Captive and alone with no savior no lover no faith no future Tess evolves from terrified girl to fierce fighter But no matter her strength it ca I can't I just My god the heroine of this book To say that this book is predictable would be an understatement of the century The first twenty or so present of the book are uses to introduce us to the heroine and her boyfriend They have the most boring relationship on the planet She loves him thinks he's great and hopes that he will propose to her At the same time every time she says something good about him she always adds that he can't satisfy her sexually He is so great so amazing she just wished he would tie her up or spank her once in a blue moon But he is so great Sometimes she even blabs it out loud but he is all don't be weird let's forget you ever said thatThe boyfriend has planned a secret trip The secret doesn't last long though They get to the airport and are asked to show they traveling documents Excitement dies when the girl at the airport asks Do you want your bags checked all the way through Cancun? Beside it being a badly planned secret another thing bugged me; if they are traveling to Mexico why would they want their bags checked somewhere else? What a stupid uestion to ask At some point the boyfriend whips it out a jewelry box and says I got something for you She is all Aww It turns out it's a promise bracelet See he is great She just wishes he would bend her over over some furniture once in a while But other than that he is a fantastic boyfriend Aw and the bracelet is beautiful it promises so much Anywho They arrived to Cancun She is all I'll show you how much I love you changes into a sexy little number and whips out a vibrator Here I thought Ok it's happening sexy time I was sure her boyfriend was going to be allNopeWe don't get to know what his reaction is because she jumps in and starts explaining that she wanted to spice things up starts apologizing and next thing you know 20 seconds later he is coming while she is just lying there But still he is great so great she loves him so They go on to have a great time cruising around on a scooter around Cancun They stop to get a drink at some god forsaken place and she gets kidnapped by a group of dudes who beet her boyfriend up and delivers her to Of course it's horrible she just got kidnapped and sold to some dude in France She still thinks of her boyfriend and how much she misses him But damn if 's sadistic ways doesn't make her feel good But of course she get all hot and bothered for him remember one third of the book was used to tell to the readers about her fantasizing about kink I can't help but think that her earlier fantasies were used to justify what happens later in the book It's like saying Yeah it's horrible but remember her wanting that in the beginning of the book? So it's all goodAt some point later she gets an opportunity to escape and runs She knows she is in France but has not clue what part of the country But she plans to get ahold of a phone and tell her boyfriend that she is on a way to the Australian embassy to get papers fixed and will be coming home Son of a mother fcker you have no freaking clue where you are UghShe gets to barrow a phone with an intention to call her boyfriend to tell him where she is and who took her It rings and rings he doesn't pic up and she leaves him a voicemail while wondering Omg is he dead? Did they kill him omg At this pint she has been in captivity for three weeksDead people don't charge their phones you dumb ass Don't even get me started on the fact that she cut her tracking device off so she won't be fallowed just to throw it on a floor of a moving car SHE WAS IN The amount of stupidity this heroine possesses is mind blowing Then there was some rape drama Of course came running to rescue her Remember how she got rid of her tracking device?Then it turned out that he is not a bad guy He actually buys women to save them The fact that he threatened her not to escape put a tracking device on her used starvations as a punishment allowed his friend to rape her with a knife handle and called her a bitch after she was raped by coupe of guys while trying to escape is beyond the point He is a good guy at heart that's all author wants you to know Oh and right after the very same day he brought her back home after her attempted escape she felt broken Broken as in He is my master I belong to him I will never run again Do what you want with meI just had to DNF the book after that I felt my brain cells were dying with every page I read

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Tears of Tess Monsters in the Dark #1“My life was complete Happy content everything neat and perfectThen it all changed I was sold”Tess Snow has everything she ever wanted one semester before a career in property development a loving boyfriend and a future dazzling bright with possibility For their two year anniversary Brax surprises Tess with a romantic trip to Mexico Sandy beaches delicious cocktails and soul connecti This is was the first Pepper Winters' book that I read and I have no regrets None at all After reading this book I'd found my favorite author Everything Pepper Winters writes I will read it because I know that it won't be disappointing This book is one of my unforgettable reads It is that good I should say this before I review this book that it's a Dark Contemporary Romance not suitable for people sensitive to grief slavery and non consensual sex Tears of Tess is about 20 year old Tess Snow who lives with her boyfriend Brax Their relationship is good and sweet but even though Brax means absolutely everything to Tess their sex life isn't as goodSo while on vacation with each other Tess gets unexpectedly kidnapped She is taken from Brax and sold Tess does everything she can to escape her kidnappers but she always fails That doesn't stop her from fighting her kidnappers for freedom but even though she tries at every opportunity she's always unsuccessful Tess gets held in captivity for awhile but then she later finds out that she's leaving for Mexico to meet her new MasterWhen Tess goes to her new home she's amazed than anything Her new home is beautiful Her new master's name is He's French handsome and richHe also owns Tess completely I first read this book ages ago and I've read it again a few times because I adore this book I'm still confused as to why I haven't reviewed this book before because it should've been on the top of my to do list I'm going to have reread this book anyways because I need to read the 3rd book to which I haven't read yetI'm telling you trying to fit in writing and do a little bit of reading in the same day is tricky I wish the days were longer I'm finding that reviewing books is kind of fun actuallyAs you can tell I haven't stopped reviewing books for the last 23 daysIt makes you think though and that's a good thing in my case It's weird giving my personal opinion about something because I'm one of those people that keep my opinions to myself so to share my opinions with you is a good feeling a feeling I'm not entirely used to Yet Back to the book I don't think I've read a BDSMDark book that tops Tears of Tess Maybe I haven't read a book like that yet so I'm always open to books with a Dark vibe in it It's really strange because I'm always drawn to books with the genre Dark in it and I don't know if that should be worrying or not but books like that tend to be on my favorites list than any other genre xDBut saying that Tears of Tess is one of those books I just want to treasure for the rest of my life