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EPUB ¶ MOBI A War Like Ours î ´ [Download] ✤ A War Like Ours By Saffron A. Kent – Goproled.co.uk A liar Three weeks ago James Maxwell’s wife died in a car accident but he hasn’t been able to tell his five year old daughter the heartbreaking truth behind her mother's death Instead he packs the A liar Three weeks LA liar Three weeks ago James Maxwell’s wife died in a car accident but he hasn’t been able to tell his five year old daughter the heartbreaking truth behind her mother's death Instead he packs them up and leaves for a summer resort in upstate New York to spend a few peaceful weeks and to gradually break the news But a spirited and outspoken maid at the resort has figured out his secret A hater After witness 45 Stars Saffron A Kent’s debut novel is simply enthralling I like nothing than to be blown away by a debut author and this author totally accomplished just that She managed to captivate me from the beginning with her amazing writing and her engrossing storytelling 'A War Like Ours' is fantastically written It’s compelling uniue and addictive It’s an unconventional story that kept me immersed from beginning until the end I couldn’t put it down for one minute that’s how much I enjoyed it “Let the pain take over Let it own you turn you inside out Let it win Madison” James Maxwell is a tortured man who doesn’t know how to deal with his past He has many regrets and does not know very well how to deal with the guilt regarding some aspects of his life He feels lonely and now than ever lost His wife is gone She’s dead And his four year old daughter doesn’t know anything about it Because he is weak a coward a liar“wrong in the head” and doesn’t know how to deal with everything He needs some time alone with his daughter Katie to figure out how to break the news of her mothers death He decides to take Katie to a summer resort for three entire weeks “A beating heart doesn’t mean that I’m alive” “No it only means you want to be It’s the nature of all living things They want to live break free They want a miracle It’s called hope Hope that one day something will transform our life transform us as we know it” Maddison ‘Maddie’ Smith is broken She’s depressed She’s sad and she hates men All she feels is disgust for them She wants to forget about her tragic past and about her mother’s death about her childhood and about the fact that her mother wasn’t there enough for her over the years Maddison has a job at a summer resort she doesn’t particularly enjoy being in a relationship with a woman her boss who in her opinion saved her over the four last years in ways than one “She kept pushing and I kept straddling the precarious line of control and chaos” James had never expected his life to be so irrevocably changed by a strange woman She’s assertive and sharp witted and tries with every opportunity to make his life miserable So why he finds her to be so irresistible? Maddison thinks she figured out the stranger who seems so raw and angry She thinks the darkness she sees in him is dangerous so she’s surprised by the attraction she feels towards himEverything changes between Maddison and James with just a simple kiss Soon lust spins out of control between them but in order for them to have something real and meaningful they have to figure out if their relationship is toxic or not if their attraction is worth fighting for “Tell me a dream” “You and me” She frowned “We’re a dream?” I swallowed “We are” Sifting her fingers through my hair she asked “Do your dreams ever come true?” 'A War Like Ours' was most of all original I liked the premise but I have to say that I loved the execution If you are a fan of dark ish rough and edgy stories then trust me you don’t want to miss this one Mrs Kent’s debut was flawlessly written the writing here actually being one of my favorite aspects of the story It is captivating and evoked so many emotions in me I enjoyed the story line a lot loving how the story unfoldedTo say that James and Maddison’s relationship is unconventional it’s an understatement The push and pull between these two is fantastically done The ups and downs between are many and I loved to see how these two try to overcome their pain the pasts and everything new and complicated there is between them James and Maddison are wrong for each other in some way but at the same time very good in a fcked up intriguing way I liked them together an I liked how their complicated relationship was done As the story unfolds you will truly believe they can heal each other without destroying themselves in the process At least I didat some point even if their relationship is so unconventional so implicitly unrelatable I liked how their relationship progressed the passion and intensity between them and even the 'ugliness' that for sure you will feel between them “Every day I fight with myself to stop seeing you I tell myself that I can end it that I don’t need to see you to feel something But every day I fail” While I liked them as an item I can’t say I liked them too much individually I meanI liked some of their characteristics Both James and Maddison are intricate flawed characters I have struggled to like or connect with but not because they are not well portrayed because they are but because I got so frustrated at times with their decisions and actions Both these characters annoyed the hell out of me at some point and I honestly wanted to punch them in the face a couple of times However I understood some of their decisions even if I didn’t totally agree with them James and Maddison are both fragile in some way and twisted their emotional turmoil being fantastically done I loved the emotional aspect of the story very much “It was addictive the things I felt when I was around him I wanted to hurt him I wanted him to hurt me I wanted to bite him so he’d bite back It was masochistic sadistic twisted tangled and so very very us” All in all 'A War Like Ours' was a fantastic uniue read I urge you to try if you like unconventional stories and if you’re not afraid of raw broken charactersFind me on

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Very darkness irresistible Drowning in guilt and memories James doesn't expect to be drawn to the sharp witted woman who has made his life miserable When their tempers flare a brutal kiss triggers a need that blurs the lines of hate and desire As their lust spins out of control they must decide if their attraction is worth fighting for or if love is the real enemy This book contains graphic language and violen 5 STARSWhat? A Debut novel? No way This book Damn this book is original through and through and I mean that in the most positive way possible It's unlike anything you've ever read before and so worth the read I promise you it'll leave a lasting impression on you I love reading uniue romance stories that tug at my heart and mess with my brain This is one of those booksLove that destroyed everything Love that felt like a war Saffron's writing is superb her characters are complex and flawed and the story is painstakingly realJames and Madison at times are hard to like and disturbing yet I found myself rooting for them Even when I didn't want to or thought I shouldn't And there were moments that were like a train wreck and as much as I wanted to look away I couldn'tI was buzzing while reading this my senses warring with anticipation angst and dread Saffron’s words leap off the page and seep into your bones I found myself thinking about this story long after I’d finished it “Let the pain take over Let it own you turn you inside out Let it win Madison That’s the only way to stop this to stop feeling” If you're one to try something new or different or looking for that next read that will rock your world this is it I can't wait for what's next from this author It'll be different It'll shake things up and I know I'll be gobsmacked ARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews and blog posts

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A War Like Ours Ing her mother’s violent death at the hands of her stepfather Madison Smith has turned aimless and bitter toward the world men in particular Her dead end job at the local resort and her convenient girlfriend are barely keep Madison from falling apart When she meets James however she’s driven to protect his child from the darkness she sees inside him A forbidden kiss But Madison doesn’t expect to find that 45 completely fucked up stars Before I talk about the book I just want to say that this is one book I would really heed the warning too It's very dark and not just because it contains non consensual sex and rape but also because of the entire tone of the book It's very disturbing and even to someone who mostly reads dark romance like I do And that is not a warning I give out very easily so please keep that in mind before reading the book Strong trigger warning Well I felt like that warning was a must because I was pretty surprised by this book and at this point there isn't much that particularly surprises me anyThe story is about a lesbian chick Madison who hates men on sight because of bad experiences in the past and a newly widowered father James who doesn't know how to tell his 5 year old daughter that she had lost her mother And Madison hates him for thatSo yes while that remains the main focus of the story there is a lot going on This book was a lot than just two people clashing and being all humorous and cutely arguing with each other as foreplayNuh uhThat is what I thought was going on before I started reading and I was very uickly set right to my thinkingBoth Madison and James have had a traumatic past which resulted in both of them being psychologically damaged Only problem was they couldn't recognize it In their own way they were both masochistic and craved pain because they believed that that was what they deservedJames blamed himself for his father's abandonment in his childhood and his wife's untimely death and because of that he has a lot of repressed self hatred that he releases in the form of self harm In the book Kent starts us off with bloody hands that come with brutally punching punching bags and then slowly escalates to cutting Yes James is a cutter and usually I wouldn't lay out the spoiler for you just like that but I felt because of the entire tone of the book it was a bit necessary for me to mentionMadison on the other hand had a dreamer of a mother who had been constantly abused by her boyfriends until one of them finally killed her Not stopping at that her mom's partner then raped her when he was drunk because of how much she resembled her mother All those experiences made her into a man hater and dependent on a really viperous woman Now some might not call Julie her girlfriend as viperous but the thing about that woman was she loved that Madison was generally unhappy and miserable she liked the fact that Madison was broken and never let her heal breaking her back down whenever Madison showed signs of healing And Madison clung on to her because she felt like no one else would love herThis book deals with a lot of issues Let's try and see if I can list them all →child neglect →rape →spousal abuse →self harmcutting →depression →PTSD →toxic relationships →cheating Think I got it all?Well all those many issues and Kent dealt with them brilliantly Not once in the entire book did I feel a situation being half assedly written because usually by this time authors lose their charm and start just plotting cliches just for the sake of completing the book But not this one Oh noKent did not write a book about two characters who were flawed but uirky and easily lovable Making the reader love the characters was not what her goal was with this one I think I think she wanted to show us two really fucked up people who got together and learned how to deal with the current situation and how to heal Mind you I've read about a lot of fucked up characters and it's pretty safe to say that these two were the most fucked up of them allKent doesn't make you love the characters fuck that she doesn't even make you root for James and Maddy to end up together By the 65% mark I was just wishing for all this angst to get over I just wanted to know that they fought their demons and honestly I didn't care if they ended up together or not not because I didn't care or didn't want them to but because that was not the focus of the story I feel This is not a lovestory it's a story about two really damaged people coming together and healing with their own perverse sort of medicine What can I say this book was very well written It is not one of those books that you can just sit down with and read in a go You need to take your time with it because the book on the whole is just so goddam depressive The entire tone of the book made me feel like I had a rainy cloud over my head and that is something not many books could doFor a debut novel this was brilliantly bold and darkly uniue I would definitely be keeping my eyes on Kent and watch out for what she puts out next because if it is anything like this then it's going to be magnificent