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Kriya Yoga Exposed The Truth About Current Kriya Yoga Gurus Organizations & Going Beyond Kriya Contains the Explanation of a Special Technique Never Revealed Before Real Yoga Book 1Ga can lead you all the way to True Enlightenment will be answeredLahiri Mahasaya and other True Masters' words will be used throughout the book to support what is written And much This book will help you become free from the dogmas and beliefs created by the Kriya Gurus organizations and Kriya literature and also help you awaken the essential discernment needed to take that very important step forward toward yourself toward your True Self the Infinite Consciousness within youBy exposing the truth about some organizations and Gurus I'm sure their followers will want to give bad reviews to this book Either that or their newly awakened discernment will help them make a huge breakthrough toward True EnlightenmentI will take that risk And so should you. Mixed feelings about this First I couldn't care less about different organisations since I'm teaching myself and not at all attracted to dogmaguru worship But then I can see how some people could waste years down that road Is it worth half of a £9 book though Not for me Perhaps it's meant as a warning for beginners Well if it is they'll get little benefit from the rest of the book because it's not detailed enough Practices are mentioned without even cursory explanations of what they are So I suppose this is aimed at people who've been doing Kriya Yoga for a while and have perhaps become disenfranchisedAt £9 for the Kindle book and even for print I feel it's over priced for what it is I bought it on the strength of the reviews which seemed positive but it seems to me that there's a general trend with the paths of spiritual practitioners1a Some people start with mindfulnessBuddhist style practices and eventually stumble on pranayamachi kung since energy is rarely mentioned in most Buddhist texts1b Some people start with pranayamachi kung realise something is missing and then try mindfulnessBuddhist style practices2 Both groups eventually realise that the best results come just as Patanjali explained by practicing energy workpranayama and then meditation And how do you create a stable seat to practice Hip flexibility through yoga asanas or use a benchzafu Being very happy with this new found knowledge the practitioner praises the messengerThis book could perhaps have received so many 5 star reviews from people in category 1b above If it's the first time you've come to realise you're missing half a practice and I've been there then it is an important momentOne benefit of this book being so short however is that its message isn't lost in a sea of words What is important can stand out because there's so little else However as another commenter said this author criticises other authors for creating small highly priced books but has then done the same I can't see why all 3 of his books couldn't have been combined into single volume other than so he could milk them and write the sort of lame advertising typically accompanied by web sites with testimonials secrets never before revealed the fastest path and that's not all BS etc etcI'd have liked to have seen detail He recommends other authors for some techniues but as mentioned above doesn't even bother to explain some of the Kriyas at all which strikes me as lazy So if you don't know whatever style he's referring to like me then you're completely lost about what the techniues actually are eg Thokar Amantrak whatever they are In short he assumes you're familiar with his lineage of Kriya Yoga If you've followed the Bihar School of YogaSatyananda Yoga books don't expect to understand much of what he mentions in passingThe actual techniues are also only briefly described to a uality you typically find on a blog post In fact this whole book could comfortably be several blog posts but then he couldn't charge £9 per time There's no discussion of the attitude for each of the few practices he provides things to watch out for etc Just a few numbered lists Some elaboration could have been useful I can see some people wasting their time with these practices just as much as with any others due to a lack of detail One person's simplicity is another one's potential for error because of what is not saidSo overall he suggests to do some pranayama 108 rounds a bit of mahabandha and then do witnessing style meditation It could be revelatory to some and perhaps it's good to emphasise using pure awareness style meditation instead of meditation on a mantrainternal image and also to pare back the vast number of kriya practices out there as with chi kung there are lots of variations on a theme and it can be difficult to see the bigger picture But I feel he skips over at least one important pointHe mentions in passing that the first knot is to insulate the mind from the nerve impulses that's different to every other use of the term knot I've found in yoga before where it's a translation of the word granthi and means something different What he's referring to is pratyaharadharana This I managed to do once years ago uite by chance Some pointers would definitely be welcome beyond just doing some pranayama for 108 rounds For example the critical importance of remaining absolutely still is never mentioned Nor is the attitude of the pranayama which should be one of activating the parasympathetic nervous system to become progressively relaxed He just says the breath will naturally lengthen which it will if you cultivate and engage the relaxation responseparasympathetic nervous system Then there's how to practice ignoring nerve impulses so you can remain absolutely still kaya sthairyam This must all be so obvious or easy to the author he doesn't even feel the need to explain it which again begs the uestion who the target of this book isSo on the one hand he assumes background knowledge but due to brevitylazinessassumptions if you don't happen to have the exact background the author has this book will probably be of limited value to youFor me a better approach albeit one I can't charge £9 for would be to say1 Do some pranayama warm up then perhaps something energising like bhastrika followed by something tranuilising like alternate nostril breathing or spinal breathing see Prana and Pranayama or AYP for spinal breathing When doing the tranuilising one make sure to allow the parasympathetic nervous system to engage so there is no stressful response in the body2 Do mindfulness meditation See the excellent The Mind Illuminated A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science for Greater Mindfulness for howUpdateIn retrospect 3 stars is a little harsh The book is worth a read for any serious practitioner and its brevity means that what's important doesn't get lost in useless explanations You can always look up most of the practices on YouTube but at least it describes what to do

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Kriya Yoga Exposed: The Truth About Current Kriya Yoga Gurus, Organizations & Going Beyond Kriya, Contains the Explanation of a Special Technique Never Revealed Before (Real Yoga Book 1) FreThis is Exposed The Kindle #216 not your common guide to Kriya Yoga It is something you've never seen beforeThis is for those who are sick of the secretiveness of Kriya Yoga and all the taboosThey just want the end of misery and are sick of this human ego game played by most Kriya Gurus and Kriya organizationsThis is not a publication with clich yoga theory and no practice instructions It gives very powerful Kriya Yoga Kindle direct teachings and actual instructions Even if you know nothing about Kriya Yoga you will learn something profound and inspiring since the whole book is filled with high Yoga Exposed The Truth About ePUB #231 level teachings of yoga non duality and spiritualityThese themes will be addressedCurrent Kriya Yoga Masters and or. The author presents himself as an all knowing authority on all things kriya but beware The author seems to be confused in his definitions of sabikalpa and nirbikalpa samadhi attributing to them characteristics of lower states of spiritual attainment The first according to PY is achieving the egoless state of cosmic God union with the body frozen in meditation asana complete cessation of breath and heart beat but with ego body identification consciousness returning after the samadhi ends Nirbikalpa samadhi according to PY is the highest achievable state where one is permanently merged in God union whilst at the same time being conscious of the body mind and external environment as a dream of God PY states a spiritual master is one who has mastered the breathless state only such beings should be followed As neither the author or I have achieved the supreme state we are like the parable of the blind sons washing different parts of the elephant and arguing about what an elephant is His disparagement of advanced beings who have achieved cosmic consciousness omnipresence within the physical universe as somehow lesser is puzzling in the extreme as fully knowing the son God in the manifested universe leads automatically to knowing God the father in the vibrationless state His lack of deference reflects poorly on him God is beyond the intellect and also beyond and within his Lila at the same time The highest state and goal for a human being to achieve is not just to go beyond mind and duality but to merge with God in both his immanent and transcendent states and to be both the ocean and wave simultaneously The author’s casual dismissal of the kriya third eye doorway star which is key to spiritual progress makes his advice dangerous to beginners I do not share his low rating of SRF and it’s kriya teachings PY provided a set of powerful interlocking techniues that enhance each other As a kriyaban I continue to find much spiritual benefit from the Hong Sau and other techniues including the first kriya as formulated by PY who in my estimation was the greatest yogi and devotee of God of the 20th Century With a large Last Smile photo on my wall attunement with PY is not an issue Techniue without devotion and loyalty to one path and guru will lead you astray So choose wisely Jai Guru

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Ganizations will be exposed without any biased filterThe often misunderstood Inner Guru and its nature will be revealed The whole Spiritual Process of Kriya Yoga and Spirituality Yoga Exposed The PDFEPUB #230 in general will be explainedThe sharing of a discovery regarding the Higher Kriyas the Final Special Kriya never shared before in the literature of Kriya will boost your practice beyond beliefIt also includes the techniues of the First Kriya with an in depth explanation on how to uickly achieve Kechari Mudra that is not found anywhere elseThe most powerful Kundalini awakening techniue that Gurus and organizations rarely teach will be given Yoga Exposed The Truth About ePUB #231 at the end of the First KriyaThe ultimate uestion whether Kriya Yo. I believe this is the first book in his series However I read book 3 Kundalini Exposed before I realized I got it the wrong way round In my opinion book 3 is not a bad place to start It’s like getting a sneak preview and answers some good whys not found in this book This particular volume is very direct it has two main parts Part 1 is a commentary of some well known gurus analyzing their strengths and weaknesses Part 2 is a recommended Kriya practice It is very no nonsense and direct Highly recommended