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Yarasanın DoğuşuSüper kahramanlar çağı başlamadan önce 4 Zero PDF #8608 Batman masumları korumak ve kötüleri cezalandırmak için kanatlarını açmadan önce Gotham Şehri'nin başına buyruk oğlu Bruce Wayne yıllarca ortalıkta gör This one made me waffleIs it 4 stars or 5 starsIt didn't uite punch me in the gut like Batman Vol 3 Death of the Family but I still loved itSo45 stars it isZero Year is the New 52 origin story for Batman and Snyder does not disappoint Gather round Nocenti DC writers cuz this is how it's doneThe idea behind it according to the afterword was to lean away from Miller's Batman Year One He praises Miller's work for changing the tone of the Dark Knight while explaining that his goal was to bring back a lighter version of Batman Not that this was done in a campy Adam West style but this New Batman took a few baby steps back from Miller's older darker and uite a bit grim incarnationMy personal opinion The pendulum needed to swing back At some point Miller must have taken a long ride on the Crazy Train Because when he finally decided to get off he subjected readers to All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder Vol 1Dark and GrittyThat's one way to put itMassive Steaming Pile of Warm Gooey ShitThat would be anotherLet's all say a prayer that Snyder remains in charge of Batman for a little while longer m'kayIt's a bit early to call it but I'm betting Zero Year is eventually going to be reuired reading for BatfansAnd I also think Snyder's name is going to become synonymous with Batman in the same way Brubaker's is with Captain AmericaOr Geoff Johns with Green Lantern That's right I said it Johns brought Hal back from the dead in ways than one So PbhhhtSesana mentioned this in her review but since I think it's a high point in the story I can't help pointing it out tooRed HoodNot Jason Todd The original guyThe one who wore what looked like a red test tube on his nogginYeahIf you've been reading this stuff for years you're going to see the twist coming from a mile away but I think you'll like it anywayAnd newer readers who aren't familiar with the way this character has been played with in the past are going to get the surprise of their livesGood stuffNo uestion about it this is another Must Read

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Batman Volume 4 Zero Year – Secret Citynmedi Ancak bu tam da onun ihtiyacı olan karanlık perdesiydi Bruce Gotham'ın sokaklarında bir sürü farklı kılıkta devriyeye çıkıp yüzü olmayan bir kahraman olarak kariyerine başlıyorScott Snyder Greg Capullo Danny Mıkı Ve Rafael A Origin stories are hard; they’re even harder when you’re redoing the origin story for a character whose origin has been tackled numerous times and in the form of stories considered landmark classics of the genre Granted they’re not as hard as say gracefully and uietly sans slurping eating a slice of watermelon but they’re pretty tough So how do you evaluate yet another Batman origin story It might be endearing to watch some heroes stumble and bumble around as they learn on the job see below for an insanely nerdy recounting of a not so epic session of the old Marvel Superheroes Roleplaying Game a recounting that I’m pretty sure only Paul will appreciate but you don’t really want to see Bats getting hit in the back of the head because he fails to catch his own batarang I mean it’s Batman The guy’s a no nonsense competence machine Comedic stumbles undermine the core of his character so that means that of necessity you need to keep it serious which heretofore has been synonymous with grim and gritty not unlike the way my dating style was once characterized Snyder goes for a slightly different take here—lighter in tone than its predecessors but not in a pratfalls and funny shots in the giggleberries kind of way; rather it’s Batman’s lack of a support network and the lack of awareness that he needs one that underscores his inexperience I’ve been reading a ton of Batman lately for reasons unknown it’s entirely possible I was bitten by a bat andor Michael Keaton and the thing I keep noticing is that the books aren’t so much about Batman as they are about the Bat family Alfred Batgirl the many young men Bruce Wayne has taken in under uestionable circumstances and clad in fancy boots and exceedingly tight leotards etc It makes for an interesting story but not an epic must read addition to the canon Now then—you want an origin story Here’s what you do you set a Marvel Super Heroes RPG campaign in scenic Kalamazoo Michigan You have your young heroes spend a good 20 minutes debating how to get to the scene of a crime in progress because if they drive their own car someone might take down their license plate number and figure who they are but arriving via bicycle doesn’t seem particularly heroic I’ll note that this campaign took place long before Uber which I suppose wouldn’t have been ideal either as the driver would certainly have known our heroes’ identity You have them ultimately resolve this issue by parking relatively close to the scene of the crime on a side street a few blocks away running as fast as they can to get there arriving out of breath and ultimately missing out on catching the bad guys You have them accidentally blow up a building owned by the largest employer in the area a company several of their friends and family members work for And you have them mocked by mallrats in Portage a SUBURB OF KALAMAZOO—outside the city limits of a small city even yes even Kalamazoo has suburbs Now THAT is an epic and awesome origin story right Bret

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kindle Ë Batman, Volume 4: Zero Year – Secret City Paperback µ [Download] ✤ Batman, Volume 4: Zero Year – Secret City Author Scott Snyder – Yarasanın DoğuşuSüper kahramanlar çağı başlamadan önce Batman masumları korumak ve kötüleri cezalandırmak için kanatlarını açmadaLbuuerue'den oluşan çok satan yaratıcı ekip Batman Yıl Sıfır Gizli Şehir'de Kara Batman Volume EpubŞövalye'nin kökenine ve onun Riddler Red Hood ve daha fazlasıyla olan ilk karşılaşmalarına dudak uçuklatan yepyeni bir bakış sunuyo In Zero Year Snyder is going back to Batman's origin I'm sure everybody who's written the Bat wants to do this eventually so I'm not surprised he doing it I am surprised that it's happening in the main Batman title and will be continuing for uite some time This is just the first part of Zero Year after all We get Red Hood the original flavor Those who are relatively well versed in Batman's ancient history will know where this is going and they won't be disappointed I was surprised and very pleased with how intelligent resourceful and dangerous Snyder allowed Red Hood to be Edward Nygma shows up too and makes a much bigger impact at the end of this collection than I had expected Thinking about it Flashpoint probably made an official revisit of Batman's origin necessary and this was a good way of doing it I think readers who know Batman's history will appreciate the way Snyder works with those old stories and newer readers encountering these elements for the first time will be drawn in Will it stand the test of time Sure until the next writer decides to take a crack at one of the best known origin stories in comics