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Download kindle ç Batman, Volume 10: Epilogue 144 pages Ä Scott Snyder × ✴ [BOOKS] ⚡ Batman, Volume 10: Epilogue By Scott Snyder ✾ – Gotham halkı şehri gerçekte kimin yönettiğini çok iyi biliyor Gotham Batman’dir Yuvalarının kaderi bu yuvayı korumaMuhafızlığı görevine geri döndü Minnettar şehir halkı kurtarıcısını memnuniyetle karşılarken hem Batman hem de koruduğu insanlar onun yarattığı mirası düşünüyor Kahramanı olmadan Gotham neye benzerdi Hayatta kalabilir miydi Ve dahası Batman olmasaydı Bruce Wayne kim olurduBaşarılı yazar Scott Snyder ezber bozan Batman serisinin son p What a fucked up cash grab last volume Snyder and Capullo literally have one issue in this entire book which should have just been included in Volume 9 But where's the money in thatIt's unfortunate because their issue is actually a fitting end to the series uiet bittersweet and peaceful I'm glad to see Alfred's hand is back It's a damn short story yet still a solid 4 stars Snyder's run really pulled me back into Batman comics with his uniue gothic poeticism And although this issue is fantastic this final volume doesn't do it justice The other issues to put it kindly are pointless and irrelevant 2 stars at best and had me skimming or skipping altogether They were written and therefore had to be included somewhere Fucking DC You made a mockery of this last volume

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Erdesini kapatırken yakın zamanda geri dönmüş olan Kara Şövalye tanıdık rakiplerle ve yeni düşmanlarla savaşıyor Bu seçkin bağımsız hikâyeler Kara Şövalye’yi alternatif bir distopyadaki geleceğe kendi geçmişinin derinliklerine götürüyor ve kim olduğunu nasıl bu hâle geldiğini ve mirasının ne olacağını sorgulamasına yol açıyo This is where all the leftover Batman new 52 stories came to die I guess First up is a terrible Future's End story where Batman decides to clone himself Art's bad story falls flat just like all the other Future's End stories have Next up is from the Batman Annual and takes place before Bruce Wayne got his memory back Bruce goes to take Wayne Manor back from Arkham Asylum and a few of the rogue's gallery are waiting for him This was one of the better stories in the book with OK art by Roge Antonio that reminded me some of Sean MurphyThen we have issue 51 the only thing in the book actually by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo It's a great farewell to the character The power goes out in Gotham and Batman goes around the city trying to find the culpritIssue 52 is written by James Tynion The story is decent but Riley Rossmo should never be allowed around Batman again His art is awful The story flashs back on some of Batman's backstory of how he dealt with his parents' deathFinally is the Batman Rebirth issue that appears in multiple Batman GN I'll leave it at it's not good

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Batman Volume 10 EpilogueGotham halkı şehri gerçekte kimin yönettiğini çok iyi biliyor Gotham Batman’dir Yuvalarının kaderi bu yuvayı korumak için elinden gelen her şeyi yapan Kara Şövalye’nin kaderiyle tekrar tekrar kesişiyor Yerine başka kahramanlar bakarken aylarca sıradan bir vatandaş gibi yaşadıktan sonra Bruce Wayne nihayet hakkı Batman Volume Epubolan Gotham Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo weren’t just the standout creative team in DC’s New 52 to be fair that wasn’t especially hard even managing to outlive the poorly thought out reboot but are also arguably the finest creative team Batman’s ever had Grant Morrison is the greatest Batman writer but he had a revolving door of artistic talent during his run from Frank uitely to Tony Daniel to Andy Kubert whereas Snyder had a consistent collaborator in Capullo The Court of Owls Death of the Family Zero Year all amazing Batman arcs So it’s disappointing that their fantastic run ends on such a weak note with Batman Volume 10 Epilogue I can see why DC dunit though Batman’s a moneymaker Snyder and Capullo’s names sell etc But be warned Epilogue is essentially a dumping ground for the remaining Batman issues from that run that haven’t been printed elsewhere and only one is by SnyderCapullo And their issue is definitely the best Gotham Is references their first book The Court of Owls from Batman fighting his rogues in Arkham to knocking out some Owl people It’s not their best work but I thought it was a nice way for SnyderCapullo to round out their run There’s a Future’s End issue by Ray Fawkes that’s readable but feels pointless though I successfully avoided that event so I wouldn’t know if it’s relevant or not probably not knowing DC Batman steals Lex’s Bizarrocloning tech to make a new Batman and has to navigate Lex’s various traps Eh Snyder co plotted it which is probably why it’s the only decent Ray Fawkes comic I’ve read There’s an extended and unnecessary postscript to the garbage Arkham Manor storyline by James Tynion IV An amnesiac pre Bloom Bruce Wayne has to fight Riddler Mister Freeze and Clayface for a certain number of pages before wrapping it up Boring stupid forgettable sounds like Arkham Manor to me Also by Tynion IV is The List an issue about some list a juvenile Bruce made after his parents’ murders Snooze And the first first because there were two #1 issues for money reasons Rebirth Batman ish is included with Snyder’s input before handing over the reins to Tom King Calendar Man is reimagined as a mutant who lives and dies according to the seasons Pee yew Oh boy Well thank goodness Tom King came along when he did because Snyder was clearly losing it at that point The legacy of the New 52 may be largely shitty but by far the diamonds in the rough were Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman books Most of them are definitely worth checking out for anyone looking to read some uality Batman though it might be an idea to stop before Endgame Bloom and this rubbish Epilogue stuff come around