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Book ´ The Shining Æ 659 pages Download Î Goproled Ð ➵ [Reading] ➷ The Shining By Stephen King ➪ – Jack Torrance's new job at the Overlook Hotel is the perfect chance for a fresh start As the off season caretaker at the atmospheric old hotel he'll have plenty of time Jack Torrance's new job at the Overlook Hotel is the perfect chance for a fresh start As the off season caretaker at the atmospheric old hotel he'll have i i don't even know what to say that hasn't already been said about this but lemme give it a shotgod DAMN this is king at his best i know i know kat that is so cliche couldn't you have picked a less popular king book to stani guess not but hear me out1 first of all i love a good old fashioned haunted house story and that's exactly what this is the slow progression of madness that overtook jack and the introduction of new ghosts or hallucinations whatever you decide was INCREDIBLE not to mention the thing that i think king writes best is the feeling of confinement and what's confining than being snowed into a haunted hotel that literally wants you dead oh right nothing 2 the characterization ah the way that king wrote these characters was just chefs kiss not only did i care about danny wendy and sometimes jack but we also got to rip back the layers of their relationships with each other and dynamic as a family which i LOVE even if you don't think this is a great horror story don't deny it is a baller family drama3 the horror of it all whether you want to look at it as a family being attacked by ghosts or a father being overcome by an extreme case of cabin fever or even if the whole murdering thing doesn't scare you but you can see the fear that comes with having a family member who battles with some kind of addiction this book is fucking scary it may not have made me physically jump or scream but i can tell you that it's a story that is gonna stick in my brain and not let go for a long long time just like any good horror shouldnow for the obligatory comparison to the movieit's common knowledge that king himself hates the Kubrick movie but i love it so much it's one of the first horror movies i ever saw and i've seen it many times since so while it's a popular opinion to love the book and shit on the movie i just can't bring myself to do it yes they're very different in a lot of ways but honestly i think that Kubrick did the best with what he had to work witha BIG part of the novel is rooted in internal conflict we spend so much time inside of jack danny and wendy's heads that it would have been impossible imo to translate that to the screen without a near constant voiceover like basically just the audiobook playing over all the scenes sO i can't fault the movie for what it lacks in depth of character and explanationi just can't however if for some reason you're reading this and you have seen the movie but haven't read the book YOU BETTER READ THE FCKING BOOK ARE YOU JOKING READ ITanyway dear mr stephen king i'm sorry i ever said that your popular books were overhyped some of them are cough IT cough but this one isn'tluv katokay that's all read this book i don't have an outro okay byeeeee

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Moteand sinister And the only one to notice the strange and terrible forces gathering around the Overlook is Danny Torrance a uniuely gifted five year old uite simply put The Shining is the best horror story I have ever read It scared the hell out of meOver a period of time I have noticed certain standard motifs in horror stories One of these I call The Lost Child Such stories will typically involve a child who can see what the silly grownups cannot see or even if they do see don't acknowledge because it goes against reason and logic and who fights however high the odds stacked against him her are Danny Torrance is such a boyDanny can read minds He can see the frightening thoughts inside his Dad's and Mom's heads DIVORCE SUICIDE but is powerless to do anything about it Danny does not know that he has a gift; he takes it as a matter of course until Dick Halloran of the Overlook Hotel tells him that he shines onJack Torrance Danny's Dad reformed alcoholic and struggling writer is trying to put his life back together after a tragedy He gets what he sees as the ideal chance when he lands the job of caretaker of the Overlook Hotel for the winter In the snowed in hotel with only his son and wife Wendy Jack assumes that he will get enough uality time to be with his family patch up old uarrels and write that breakout novelBut the Overlook has other plans The hotel which feeds on and grows in strength from the evils committed on its premises wants Danny permanently to join its crew of ghostly inhabitants And to do that it needs to get to JackThe novel slowly grows in horror starting with mild unease moving up through sweaty palms and dry mouth to pure gut wrenching terror Jack's slow slide into madness is paralleled by the growth in power of the hotel's dark miasma and Danny's extraordinary capabilities We are on a roller coaster ride into darknessThe world of grownups is often frighteningly incomprehensible to young children these fears seldom die as we grow up but remain dormant in our psyche There are very few of us who does not have a ghost in our childhood somewhere It is when the writer invokes this ghost that story gets to us King does a masterly job of awakening that child and putting him her in the midst of childhood terrors through the alter ego of Danny Torrance lost in the cavernous corridors of the OverlookThere are a lot of passages which literally creeped me out in this novel the topiary animals the fire hose in the corridor the woman in the bathroom to name a few As King has said elsewhere the monster behind the door is frightening than the monster slavering at you this book is full of such monsters More importantly you will keep on remembering your own boogeymen while you are reading; and long after you finish you will feel the urge to look behind youHorror stories are a form of catharsis As King says the writer takes you to the body covered under the sheet you feel it and are frightened At the same time you are relieved that the body is not youA true masterpiece

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The ShiningPlenty of time to spend reconnecting with his family and working on his writing But as the harsh winter weather sets in the idyllic location feels ever re Is this horror I'm genuinely asking here because I'm not a horror aficionado so I don't know what all constitutes that genre To a layman like myself IT was horror because it scared the piss out of me and I couldn't sleep without the lights on for a while The Shining is like a Spooky Family Drama Yeah yeah there at the end things got a little hairy but it was still mostly a human trotting around getting all stabbyNow I say mostly because good old Jack is getting some help from a couple of freaky paranormal spectres andTHE HEDGESIn an effort to be transparent I feel like I should mention that I've never actually watched the movie that was based on this bestselling novel My husband who has long since stopped being surprised by me gasped out loud when I told him that a few days ago So I'm guessing from his reaction that I'm probably in the minority Now normally whether or not you've seen the movie doesn't matter at all but this is a pretty iconic movie we're talking about so even without having seen it I kind of knew the plot a bit and of course knew who acted the starring roles I know I know None of that matters at all when you're talking about a book But I just thought it might be relevant because the movie is so incredibly well known that even peasants like myself who haven't seen it immediately recognize certain images from the filmI said that to say this Jack Nicholson is definitely not the Jack Torrence I was seeing in my head as described by Stephen King King's Jack was a handsome young guy who was married to a beautiful woman Now Shelly Duval is a fine actor and so is Nicholson ButAnyway I was just surprised to find out that the characters in the book were hotties I've heard the book and movie are very different in a lot of ways but that both are good if taken separately I'm planning to rent the movie soon and find outAlright The gist is that there's this guy Jack who made a few mistakes because he was a bit boozy and is now trying to go straight and get it together for his family He's a bit of a pompous ass truth be told One of those people who feel as though everyone around them just doesn't understand their tortured genius you know But he's not just that guy Which is where King's brilliance as a writer comes in He doesn't make Jack the bad guy he makes Jack a guy He's trying He's trying so hard to stay on the wagon he's trying so hard to be a better husband and he's trying so hard to be the father Danny deservesAnd if he hadn't landed a job at a fucking Haunted Hotel I truly believe he would have made it workOr maybe notRegardless Jack is only one of the important characters in this Hallmark Family Movie Channel story You also have Jack's sweet and beautiful if a bit too mousy and faithful to the old fucker wife Wendy And of course their little son DannyDanny has The Shine which when I found this out FINALLY explained the name of this fucking book to me Do you know how many years this has been subconsciously niggling at my brain Well neither do IBut when fellow psychic mind reader and hotel employee Dick Hallorann tells Danny what rooms to avoid over the winter because he can feel Danny's super bright Shine It was like a puzzle I didn't even know I was trying to solve clicked into place It was one of those moments you have where you suddenly realize that there's one less thing you don't know For one brief second I felt like the universe had given me a high five I hadn't asked for and then didn't even pull away at the last secondSo what happens when you toss a recovering alcoholic with a penchant towards abusive behavior an overly optimistic woman who tends to flutter instead of walk and a 5 year old who can tell what they are both thinking inside of a hotel that basically wants to eat themWell I don't want to spoil anything for the 3 people who don't know how all this turns out butAnyway Good stuff I'm glad my pals forced me once again outside my comfort zoneBuddy Read with The Jeff The Angry German 416Because who doesn't like child abuse