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Read eBook â England's Perfect Hero â ebook ð goproled ↠ ❮EPUB❯ ❃ England's Perfect Hero ✾ Author Suzanne Enoch – Lucinda Barrett's best friends ended up married to the men to whom they delivered their 'lessons in love' So Lucinda decides to choose someoneUcinda's unpretentious ways her serenity and her kindness When she chooses someone for her love lessons Robert offers to help her deliver her lessons but sets out to convince the woman he has fallen for to take a chance on love and on h Old school romance is still the bestI love the heroin but I love the hero 😜😜It's just the PDAs were too much and spoiled it a bit for meps I love this trope but I don't know what it was called

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Lucinda Barrett's best friends ended up married to the men to whom they delivered their 'lessons in love' So Lucinda decides to choose someone who definitely needs lessons but someone who will not complicate her life And that person is When it’s Lucinda Barrett turn to give her lessons in love she already has her eye on one gentleman who will keep her life uneventful Lucinda’s lessons are going without a hitch and uneventful until Robert Carroway walks in to help her give her lessons a helping hand and Lucinda’s and Roberts’ lives becomes very complicated The last of the The Lessons of Love Trilogy this series was wonderful and ending on a very high note with England's Perfect Hero Out of the three friends Lucinda is the straightlaced no nonsense thinking lady when it’s her turn to give her lessons she chooses a man whom won’t complicate her life someone whom would know taking care of her father the General Lucinda’s lessons are going okay until she runs into Robert Carroway who offers his help to help her with her student as a trade for the roses she gave him But when her thoughts turn to Robert then her student and when she must clear Robert’s name Lucinda’s in for her own lessons in love Robert Carroway was capture and tortured for seven months and was almost killed due to the tragic events Robert has been in a state of being alive then living Suffering from dark panic attacks when a chance face to face encounter with Lucinda gives him the first step out his darkness Robert offers to help Lucinda but at the same time sees a chance to get closer to her but with his misgivings of being able to give her a normal life with him Robert holds back until events leads them to being tied together foreverin love I loved both Lucinda and Robert but I was mostly looking forward to Robert or Bit’s story the most Robert was the torture hero whom lived day to day but wasn’t living until Lucinda walked into his life With Lucinda she was a fresh breeze to him and as he helped her with her lessons he was also getting a lesson on living and giving Lucinda a lesson of her own to not just settle for less and easy Robert clawed his way back from the dead and knew Lucinda deserved then to just settle He showed Lucinda what it meant to go for but at the same time Lucinda taught Robert to be at peace with himself again Robert was just amazing as he waltzed with the wallflowers proved to Lucinda’s father he wasn’t a traitor and learned to love and live again Lucinda was raised by her father a great war General she always puts others needs first but always settled for less herself Robert shows her a hard lot in life from his past but shows her to go for the goal for herself and trust in love Lucinda was kind and loved Robert and trusted him when she knew her father couldn’t be counted on This showed how she believed in Robert and his good heart Robert’s family was as always very supported of Robert it was funny the way each took care and helped Robert from Tristan dumping cold water on him to break him out of panic attack to Andrew dancing a waltz with him Andrew even hummed a offkey tune In the beginning of each chapter there was a little snippet of Frankenstein which gives the reader an insight of the upcoming chapter but SE took liberty with the timeline of Frankenstein as she refers to Mary Shelley by name when the first edition was published anonymously in 1818 the book’s time setting MS wasn't named the author until 1823 yeah my inner historian kicked in sighsoverall The ending to the Lesson in Love Trilogy and the England's Perfect Heroends on a perfectly high note

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England's Perfect HeroDefinitely not Robert CarrowayRobert is nothing if not complicated and though he is the brother of a viscount he rarely goes about society and finds the weather and hat fashions ludicrous subjects for discussion Robert is attracted to L 455 Rounded up because the Carroway sibling love is the real deal A reread and it held onto its original rating in 2013 Robert makes a most uniue hero A PTSD afflicted hero is nothing new but Enoch describes his anxiety so well and he differs from others in that he is not willing to let it consume him to give in to the rage and the darkness No he tries to fight it all the way even as the sudden onslaught of an attack threatens to suffocate and consume him he clings on to some glimmer of lightness the budding of rose cuttings his family's unconditional love and the positivity and warmth of the luminous Lucinda Barrett Lucinda had a noticeable presence on the periphery of his sphere even before Robert went to war Three years after his return from the Napoleon War an acclaimed war hero but still a ghost of the charming extroverted man he used to be His physical injuries still cause him pain and disability but it is the psychological scars that have maimed his soul Now a silent recluse even within the bosom of his well meaning and protective family his crippling panic attacks hinder his attempt to claw back his old life even as he will his family not to give up on him Despite flailing in the dark he does not allow himself to sink but grabs hold of a lifeline Lucinda a close family friend He repeatedly and unexpectedly pops into her path and consciousness simultaneously igniting her irritation and curiosity eually with a few chosen enigmatic words only to disappear as uietly as he arrived They form a tentative partnership and friendship; in helping Lucinda with her project of training her chosen potential husband to be worthy of her Robert finds a buoy to keep him afloat He is a complex man with torturous dark secrets secrets that involve Lucinda's father a highly respected general Even as their friendship very slowly turns to deeper passion there are such much in the way of a future together His past their present circumstances Sigh Thank you to my fellow buddy readers because this was such a satisfying read I can't stress enough how wonderful Robert is as a character None of that self pitying rage against the world behaviour we have come to expect of returned soldiers in HRs And his siblings are so magnificent in their subtle and not so subtle unuestionable support of him Lucinda too is a great character astute and just as cunning a strategist as her father Yes the concept of her lessons are silly hence the 12 star deduction but the uality and depth of the writing permits the reader to easily overlook this