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review Alpha Boss Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB Ý ❰KINDLE❯ ❆ Alpha Boss Author Zoe Ray – A steamy romance with a bite and a growl Samantha Davis was only looking for a job but she landed in front of a sexy beast of a boss The moment she stepped into the lobby at ASC she knew she belonged A steamy romance Plain the raw animalistic attraction she feels Sam is determined to push thoughts of the boss out of her mind but the connection may be too powerfulPreston Jacobs is a hard headed wolf shifter and as CEO of Alpha Security Corporation and leader of his pack he hasn't had time to worry about people's feelings Everything changed when he met Samantha He knew she was his mate the moment he laid eyes on her His thoughts become consumed. This was easily one of the best African American PNRs I’ve read and I can’t wait to read from Zoe Ray The story felt real and relatable despite the PNR elements Head’s up The story is super insta lovey Most of the story takes place in roughly a week’s time This story could have just as easily been a contemporary romance without those elements The main characters while they have their moments of bossiness and being over the top for Preston and at times ridiculous amounts of uncertaintyinsecurity for Samantha they are likeable The scene with Sam’s ex was unnecessary though The supporting characters make you wish you had friends and family like them if you didn’t and if you do should make you appreciate them that much BIG POINTS for editing I love reading stories by AA authors particularly AA PNR; but often times the editing—or lack thereof leaves MUCH to be desired which makes the stories hard to read or to follow due to so many errors This writing and editing in this story are very fluid You just want to keep reading until there’s nothing left and keep reading after that So while it’s not the most mature story I found it a great way to pass the time and forget about some of my troubles and all the crazy going on in the world

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With claiming her and he's going to pull out all the stops to make her trust him and show her that she's hisWhen trouble arises in the pack Preston must face a new challenge Can he convince Samantha to accept her fate as his mate Or will uncertain danger cause her to run away with her tail tucked between her legsSink your teeth into this sexy romance Click on the buy now button in the top right corner and fall in love with a bos. Sam find job through her friend and ends up hired by the CEO of the Alpha Security being Preston's secretary and uickly becoming his mate She was trying to fight the connection between her and Preston things break loose not long after he tells her he's actually the Alpha wolf of his pack Marcos his ex best friend who was greedy for power and wanted Preston dead to take over everything as Alpha even threatened Sam by telling he plans to take her to mate and share with his own pack But as fight ensues Marcos disappears forcing them to regroup and go on the offense Things turn wrong when Preston and Sam returns home his family was held hostage to force Preston's hand to give up but Sam wasn't having it and proves herself as the Alpha female as they all break lose and take down Marcos and the goonsVery fast paced with fastest hookup to wedding plans At least the story was written well enough to keep me into the book from beginning to end and with sexual attraction and activities I give this four cups of steaming java ☕☕☕☕

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Alpha BossA steamy romance with a bite and a growl Samantha Davis was only looking for a job but she landed in front of a sexy beast of a boss The moment she stepped into the lobby at ASC she knew she belonged there and the moment Preston Jacobs stepped into her life she knew she'd never be the same His massive frame towers over her His presence is intimidating and he is the sexiest man she's ever seen He exudes power and Samantha can't ex. The main character was so insecure to the point of being annoying I didn’t like her She was unreasonable and constantly lashing out in anger It isn’t that she is an unbelievable character just not a likeable one